Regulations for Family Fun


Guest Guide & Rules to Live By

  • Reservations

-Campsites are assigned, please do not set up on another site or move to another site without contacting the Welcome Center/Ranger Station (757)-331-3063. Sites are defined by site markers for the campsites and rentals. Do not walk or drive through any campsite, occupied or not, except your own.

-You must be 21 or older to rent a camp site or rental unit.

-Specific sites are not guaranteed unless the site guarantee fee is paid.

    • Site

    -Be considerate of fellow campers.

    -All guest under 18 must be accompanied by a register adult during Quiet Hours (see below).

    -In addition to one camping unit per site, the base rate fee includes 2 adults, 2 children, 2 pets, and one vehicle. Additonal persons (a maximum of 8 people per campsite) are allowed with limitation, at additional costs. Guests are requiredto bring with them all necessary water, electric, sewer lines as to reach all utilities. We have these items for sale in our General Store.

    -Quiet Hours are from 11pm-7am, but please be courteous of other guests throughout the day. Please do not use generators during this time.

    -Under Virginia Law, sewer connectors with a potable water connection are not allowed; no sink, shower, or toilet waste shall be put on the surface of the ground. Portable tent bathrooms are not allowed. Sewer rings are required when connected to a sewer hookup. Do not wash boats, cars, trailers, campers, vehicles on your site; a water line is provided at bathhouse 3 for the rinsing of boats and motors.

    -Entrance to the property constitutes permission for the management of Cherrystone Family Camping Resort to photograph or video record anyone while on premises, and to use any resulting picture/video for any lawful purpose without compensation to the individual.

      • Visitors

      -A visitor is defined as any person arriving after the registered party has checked in. Guests may visit you at for the day or overnight.

      -Your visitors MUST be registered and paid for in advance. Visitors will now be allowed into the resort after the Welcome Center is closed, unless pre-paid and pre-registered during regulat Welcome Center Hours.

      -Visitors are allowed only if there is room within the registered host's accommodations. No additional sleeping accommodations for visitors can be added to the site. We reserve the right to limit the number of persons occupying and/or visting a site.

      -Visitor's pets are not allowed.

      -All visitors must park in the designated "over-flow" parking.

        • Campfires

        -Please do not leave campfires unattended. Please put your fire out before going to sleep or leaving your site.

        -Do not place remains from campfires or grill fires into any container or trash bin.


        • -We allow a maximum of two pets per campsite. Pets are not allowed in rental units or on the rental unit site. For further details see pet/visitor policies.


        -There are trash dumpsters at the bathhouses for your convenience. Onsite trash collection is done between 8am - 10am and 3pm - 4pm. Outside of the schedule trash collection times, please take your trash to the dumpsters at the bath houses.

        -Do not leave your trash out overnight.


        -Camping is an outdoor experience; therefore, we cannot give refunds/credits due to the discomforts of nature.

        -Please be aware that severe weather can occur, and guests are responsible for their own safety and securing personal belongings.


        -Homemade vehicles are not allowed in the park; only equipment approved by management may be used in the park either for camping or riding. Utility trailers are not campers and may not be used for sleeping/camping.

        -Any vehicles, trailers, boats that do not fit within your site perimeters need to be parked in the designated “over-flow” parking.


        • -Under Virginia Law any person who is fishing must be registered with the Virginia Fisherman’s Identification Program (VFIP); please visit mrc.virginia.gov/FIP for information and registration.


        • -WiFi is not secure and is to be used at your own risk.

        Golf Carts

        -The minimum age to drive a golf cart is 18, and under Virginia Law all drivers must have a driver’s license.

        -Proof of Insurance coverage while at Cherrystone Camping Resort is required for all personal golf carts. Carts must be insured to $150,000.


        • -The use of drones is not permitted.


        • -Fireworks, firearms, or any type of explosive are not permitted on Cherrystone property.


        -NO RIDING BICYCLES AFTER DARK, WITH OR WITHOUT LIGHTS. Parents please help set the example and help us watch out for our smaller camping guests. If off your site at night carry a flashlight.

        -Do not ride bicycles through campsites.


        -Please wear footwear while in the park or walking in or near the water. Do not dive/jump from the piers.

        -There is no walking, standing, or sitting allowed on rocks.

        -No glass bottles are allowed on any beach areas.


        • -Cherrystone’s natural setting is home to many wild animals, fish, birds, and insects. Please observe from a distance and do not approach these animals or attempt to pet or feed. They are wild animals and; not family pets.


        For information on how COVID-19 is affecting upcoming stays, click here.